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Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids: Grease

Sheet Description
023.0 Hazardous substances
261.0 General information on lubricating grease
264.0 Liquid grease (NLGI grades 00/000, Specification 264.0)
265.1 High temperature antifriction bearing grease (NLGI grade 2, Specification 265.1)
266.0 Grease (NLGI grade 1, Specification 266.0)
266.2 Long-life grease (NLGI grade 2, Specification 266.2)
267.0 Multipurpose grease (NLGI Class 2, Specification 267.0)
267.1 Wheel bearing grease (NLGI grade 2, Specification 267.1)
267.2 Drive schaft grease (Specification 267.2)
269.2 Complex grease (NLGI grade 2, Specification 269.2)
332.0 Brake pad paste
350.0 Lubricants for electrical equipment