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320.2   Specified anti-corrosion protection/antifreeze (CV) - Overview

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Prescribed specification for service fill anti-corrosion agents/antifreeze
Commercial vehicle engines – Mercedes-Benz
MB Specifications for Operating Fluids, sheet
325, 326
Major assembly model series without secondary water retarder (SWR)
OM 300

OM 400

OM 904 – 926

OM 934, 936

OM 457, 460

OM 500

OM 470 – 473

Major assembly model series with secondary water retarder (SWR)


As a general rule, the approved anti-corrosion agents/antifreeze (MB sheet) can be found in the respective operator's manual for the vehicle.

This table contains only the anti-corrosion agents/antifreeze for engines that were in production in the period of the last 15 years.

Information on unlisted or older engine models can be found in the vehicle's operator's manual or the maintenance procedures.

Ensure that concentrated anti-corrosion agents/antifreeze (MB sheets 325.x) are mixed with suitable water as per the specification from MB sheet 310.1 before being used in the cooling circuit. Ready-mixes (MB sheets 326.x) may not be mixed with water.

● Approval

- May not be used.