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231.3   Specified gear oils (UNIMOG, MB-tractors) - overview

Select Sheet 

UNIMOG, MB-trac sheets 235.0 to 235.41
Major assembly
Sheet No. 235

SAE grade
90, 85W-90
80, 80W, 85W, 75W/85W, 75W-90
80, 80W, 85W, 75W/85W, 75W-90
10W, 30

Hot zones 90, 85W-90


Manual steering

Power steering system can be used ## up to FIN 195081

Manual transmission ## up to FIN 179908 model 435 for military (German Federal Armed Forces): Engine oil SAE 10W

Manual transmission ## as of FIN 179909

Manual transmission 718.840 in model 405.05/10/12/20/210/20/230, manual transmission 718.841 in model 436.330, 437.42/43/46

Transfer case

Power take-off transmission, power take-off shaft intermediate transmission ## up to FIN 179908 except in model 405

Power take-off transmission, power take-off shaft-intermediate transmission ## up to FIN 179909 except in model 405

Power take-off transmission in model 405

DB front cable winch, fan

UNIMOG, MB-trac sheets 236.2 to 236.91
Major assembly
Sheet No. 236
Allison automatic transmission

Power steering

Hydraulically operated differential lock, hydrostatic transmission (406)

This table only serves as an overview!

● Should be used.

○ Can be used.

With conversion to another oil:
Observe specified maintenance intervals.

1.) Automatic transmission fluids (ATF), sheet 236.91 and TES 295 for Allison automatic transmission. This oil permits much longer oil change intervals, in particular for Allison transmissions.

For Allison automatic transmission, the application instructions on sheet 231.0 must be observed!