219.0   Special additives for lubricants (vehicles and engines)

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Only oils that are ready-formulated ("doped") and tested are approved for operating vehicles, engines and major assemblies. These ready-formulated lubricants are made from selected base oils (such as mineral oils, hydrocracked oils, PAO and ester) with the addition of oil-soluble chemical additives.

In addition to the lubricating effect itself, these products must exhibit all the properties required for safe engine operation. Examples of these are wear and seizing protection, cleaning capacity, neutralization capability, dispersancy (protection from sludge formation and deposits), aging resistance, corrosion protection, pressure absorption capability, foam inhibiting, cold flow capability. The additive components in the ready-formulated lubricants are carefully coordinated to each other and are thus properly proportioned. Subsequent addition of additives therefore runs the major risk of negatively changing the lubricant properties.

No approval is issued for lubricant additives.

We advise against using these kinds of products.