138.0   Diesel engine (Microorganisms in diesel fuel)

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The following symptoms indicate that a vehicle or base tank is infected by micro-organisms:
  • Frequent fuel filter change necessary due to loss of performance, gel-like substance in filter
  • Increased occurrence of internal tank corrosion
Particularly after long periods of being laid up, this can be attributed to the occurrence of microorganisms.

Remedial action

  • Tank cleaning (mechanical, supported by suitable neutral cleaners, involve tank cleaning company in the case of base tanks)
  • Prevention: addition of microbicidal additives in accordance with Sheet 138.1 in the concentration specified by the manufacturer. The period of this treatment must be geared towards the individual circumstances. In serious cases, it is advisable to consult with the biocide developer.
In the case of base tanks, clean tanks at shorter intervals (the micro-organisms cannot grow without water!).