385.4   Wax preservation agents for engine compartment (Specification 385.4)

The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market.
We are recommending to use exclusively the products listed in the following overview, because only these products have been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.
We recommend using only products
  1. which are distinctly marked with the label indicating the approval of Mercedes-Benz, e.g. “MB-Approval 229.51”. Labels referring e.g. to “MB 229.51” don't have an approval of Mercedes-Benz.
  2. Which are listed in the current MB BeVo. Only listed products are tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Select Sheet 
Last update: 02/13/2018
Productname Principal
Productname Principal
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